Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Booties, Booties, Booties, Rockin Everywhere

'Tis the season for booties! I freakin love booties. Not quite boots, but just enough to get the point across. Yes. Please and thank you. I'll take all the damn booties. They are amazing for many reasons, but one of my favorite things about booties is that they are a shoe that is going to take you through more than one season. These bad babies are relevant in Winter just as they are in Spring. I'm all about that. In Winter pair them with some stellar skinny leg denims and in Spring pair them with a pretty little floral dress. Way more bang for your buck, can't argue with value. 

This pair, in particular, I am obsessed with because they are cute and comfortable. If shoes are cute enough I will suffer through discomfort in the name of fabulousness, but these are actually legit comfy so that is even b e t t e r. Snag this pair h e r e via JUSTFAB (they also come in black)! xoxo

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