Thursday, July 11, 2019

Welcome To My (cyber) Closet!

Hey girl hey! (or hey boy hey!) I'm Jules! Nice to e-meet you:) Welcome to my little space in FashionLand. I am a Fashion + Jewelry Reseller on the fashion app Poshmark (and I dig it, like a lot). I am also suuuuper into outfit snaps and plan on sharing tons of them here (plus totally dishing the styling details). Outfits I post here you can shop via my Poshmark closet or through links to where I have found them online! I live in Las Vegas, NV with my family & am frequently on a quest for pretty pieces and vintage gems to Welcome!:) Happy to have ya here! 

 I stock my Poshmark shop with all sorts of goodies I find here in Las Vegas or self source. Pieces I stock typically include: dresses, tons of jewelry, regionally sourced vintage, and as of late, home items too! Prints I gravitate towards are polka dots, stripes, solids, boho chic, studded pieces, leopard print, ah the list goes on. 

After 3 years on the Poshmark app I have made money and friends: something a price can't be put on:) The community of Poshmark users are flippin inspiring.

If you don't have a Poshmark, please use my code "julesnichols_" to get $10 off your first purchase:) Drop me a line as well! You have gems in your closet I'm sure!!

If you DO have Poshmark suuuuup PFF?! Pretty please follow my closet and let me know so I can follow you back! @julesnichols_

Thanks for reading! If you'd like to connect, shoot me a line - 



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