Monday, November 6, 2017

Bell Bottoms + Florals + Fringe

Even the mention, the slightest hint that bells are back is enough for me to bust out the look. I love bells! These denims I scored at a local boutique. I found them on the clearence rack. Needless to say, a happy dance was involved in purchase of these bad babies. I paired with them a black crossbody fringe purse and a floral bell sleeve top. 

I have linked below similar options for you to snag the look yourself!


Friday, November 3, 2017

Darling Details: Leopard Clutch + Rose Gold Shoes + Pearl Earrings

Today's darling details I am super obsessed with. I have a soft spot for the girly-est of sh*t. Always have, always will. This amazing, on-trend little clutch is from So Modish Boutique and it is absolutely fantastic. It goes with so many outfits, it's ridiculous. It gives basic outfits pop and does mixed print outfits soooo much justice. The earrings are via Chloe + Isabel jewelry. They are so easy to glam up or down, I adore them! And the super darling rose gold shoes are via This exact pair is sold out, I know :( so I linked below to some very similar pairs of rose gold flats. Leopard, rose gold, and pearls for the win!


Stripes + Florals

Pairing stripes and florals is usually a big fat YES for me. My eyes are often drawn to the two matched up with one another. Here I paired a striped turtleneck with some vintage denim shorts and floral print flats. :) The flats are from

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