Sunday, December 2, 2018

How to Style Leopard Print

Leopard is back. Well for some of us, myself included, it never left, but nevertheless it is back. I have flippin loved leopard print since 8th grade. I was obsessed then and I am obsessed now. Ha! Some things never change. After sporting the print for some, what, 20 plus years now, I consider myself a leopard print expert and have taken note of some flattering vs unflattering ways to sport the look over the years. Leopard print is a tough print to wear! It can easily cross over into the tacky side of things if you're not careful. Here are some of my tips for wearing leopard print:

- Don't match leopard with leopard. Leopard print is a diva, she doesn't need a co-star. Opt for matching the print with denim, black, neutral tones, or even red vs pairing it with another leopard print. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing:)

- Wear the print, don't let the print wear you. Leopard prints are best reserved for your most sassiest of days. Leopard is a print that has a presence, it has pizzazz so rockin it on days in which you've got some spunk does wonders!

- Opt for chic versions of the print vs cheap looking versions. Try to select the chicest of leopard prints with a classy look to them vs the cheaper less flattering leopard prints. Leopard print walks the fine line between fab and flop. Leopard prints with natural base tones look great and match with tons of other pieces!

Here are some of other ways I have styled leopard print in the past for some inspooooo:

Here are some awesome leopard pieces I found for under $50 :)


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